Testimonials - What Our Client Says!


I am a customer of MBOX Converter of yours. 

I downloaded the software on Thursday, October 18 at about 5:30 pm MDT, USA.  I installed the program, and I followed the instructions to convert my Apple Mail MBOX files to PST export them to my new Outlook 2010. I got an error message right away, so I contacted your customer support via your website. A representative came on line right away. 

The person was frugal with words. What was wrong? What program did I use, etc?  One final question: How many of the files did I want converted? All I said, if it was possible.

I was instructed to down load a computer mirroring software, which I did. 

Your customer service representative worked tirelessly and efficiently for two hours converting the files (from almost 6pm MDT to almost 8pm MDT. I never could have done it. This is the best customer support experience I have had, ever. Also the product was mind-blowing it took only few minutes to convert my MBOX files into Outlook.

Thank you, and please thank the person who helped.

Eduardo Heath
Woodland Park, CO USA